Waterproof transport bag

Up to one hundred litres volume is available inside the transport dry bag. Everything is protected against water, simply and quickly accessible during intervention.

The bag does not have any zipper and even handling for people wearing gloves is easy. All its components are washable with usual detergents. For comfortable wearing, it is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps with foam padding. It can be simply labelled or marked, thanks to the transparent pocket for the name tag.


  • Waterproof transport bag with volume 100 l intended for storage and transport of equipment.
  • The equipment is hermetically closed even during transport under extreme conditions, e.g. flood.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps with foam padding for a comfortable transport on the back.
  • Bag is equipped with buckles for a possible locking in the upper part.
  • Pocket for small items on the outside of the bag.
  • Pocket for the name tag from transparent material.


  • Impervious to moisture inwards the bag content and outwards the bag content.
  • Watertight closing without use of a zipper, warranty of a long lifetime period and maintenance-free functionality.
  • Quick and easy watertight closing of the bag even if wearing gloves.
  • All components of the bag are washable and decontaminable with usual detergents.

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