Tents of GTX production series

The tents with the inflatable supporting frame are part of the most renowned product line called GTX; those are inflatable products with the adhesive bonded inflatable supporting frame.

Their biggest advantage is the resistance and a very easy handling. After connecting the tent to the electrical blower, the tent is being deployed within a few minutes, and so a comprehensive facility is made which is usable for many purposes. The supporting structure of the tents consists of two tubes that support each other so that the tent does not collapse completely in case of a defect. The high resistance is supported with surface made from rubber which is rougher than other materials and so it has a higher adhesion during the adhesive bonding. For a potential smaller repair a usual one-component adhesive is sufficient and you can use the tent within a couple of hours again. Tents of GTX production series can be used as single tents, e.g. as a shelter to containers (with a practical connecting passageway) or they can be used to create a larger covered area usable e.g. for accommodation of people, storage, as headquarters or as a smaller hospital and similar. Thanks to a simple method of connecting several tents together, the possibilities are almost endless.


  • Easy deployment within a few minutes after connecting to air supply
  • Inflatable with pressure air or electrical blower
  • Quick coupling to connect the pressure air supply
  • Safety-relief valve


  • Conventional adhesive bonded inflatable supporting structure
  • Tent entrance with zip fasteners, reversible canvas fasteners attached at the floor
  • Fastening straps with guy ropes on the supporting structure arches to secure the stability in all weathers, on a solid surface the tent can be anchored by means of weight bags filled with water or any other weight placed on the fastening flaps
  • There are fixtures to fasten lights, devices and similar on the internal structure side
  • Venting mesh above the entrance to provide for a natural exchange of air
  • On the sides, 2 closable openings with diameter 350 mm for heating and air-conditioning
  • On the sides, 2 closable openings with diameter 150 mm for wiring infrastructure and hoses
  • Delivered including anchoring and repair kit and hand pump
  • Packed in transportation bag

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