Shelters of HF production series SMART

Our newest production series of tents, designated HF SMART, the structure of which we make with the technology of high-frequency welding, provides really a smart solution at the moment, when you need to create a variable space and a comprehensive facility with various capacities quickly.

The high-frequency welded structure provides for a high strength and resistance against aging and weather conditions. This structure has been designed as a set consisting of several parts that are connected by means of simple connectors. At delivery and during the normal use, the structure is fixed. Only in case of a necessary repair the damaged part is disconnected by tearing away in the connector and the damaged part is replaced by a new one. The tents need not to be sent anywhere because the user himself is able to manage such a simple change quickly. The tent can be folded into one bag and deployed almost anywhere, whether it is to be anchored in a traditional way, by means of pegs into a softer soil or on a road or concrete, where it can be weighted down with water bags. If a larger comprehensive facility is needed, it is enough to connect several tents together. For garaging cars and trucks, the front tent side is removed and within a second you can park inside.


  • New production series of inflatable tents with outstanding special properties
  • Ideal for distant destinations thanks to easy reparability outside of manufacturer´s service centres 
  • The supporting structure is completely dismountable thanks to the specific system of connectors between individual parts
  • Simple repairs - possible simple replacement of the tent roof, walls with entrance, floor, supporting arches or distance tubes
  • Connecting of tents without connecting passageways
  • All used materials are with a flame-retarding effect
  •  Selection of several sizes and colours
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Long lifetime period with minimum maintenance required


  • Entrance curtain of 2 m width, 2.3 m height connectable by means of turn-lock fasteners
  • Venting mesh above the entrance to provide for a natural exchange of air
  • Rollable entrance canvases
  • Fastening straps with guy ropes on the supporting frame arches to secure the stability in all weathers, on a solid surface the tent can be anchored by means of weight bags filled with water or any other weight placed on the fastening flaps
  • There are fixtures to fasten lights, devices and similar on the internal frame side
  • On the sides, 2 closable openings with diameter 150 mm for wiring infrastructure and hoses
  • On the sides, 2 closable openings with diameter 350 mm for heating supply

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