Protective suit SUNIT

The protective suit SUNIT is sewn from material coated with a special rubber compound. The protective suit is intended for work in chemical operations or it is suitable to be worn during cleaning-up after accidents with acids and alkalis.

For a perfect protection of the whole body it is equipped with firm cuff-rings to fix anti-chemical gloves in the sleeves, adhesive bonded white rubber boots, and blouse with hood with fastening in the lower edge as well as trousers reaching about the waistline with adjustable fastening. For comfortable wearing, various sizes, lengths and widths of individual suit parts are available so that the suit is a perfect fit. Its use is not limited only for anti-chemical interventions, but it is appreciated also by workers in industrial companies or by fishermen and fire fighters who can use the high trousers with braces for fording.


  • Protective anti-chemical suit type SUNIT IV FK.
  • Category PPE III within the meaning of PPE group at Committee 89/392/EEC.
  • Basic protection is defined by the harmonized standard ČSN EN 14605.
  • Intended for clean-up after accidents with liquidation of acids and alkalis.
  • Anti-chemical protection of the user´s body against the affect of liquid chemicals, especially against acids and lyes.
  • Application in other areas of human activities.
  • Two-piece suit, non-gasproof.


  • Impermeable coating of a special rubber compound on a textile material.
  • Trousers reaching about the waistline with braces with adjustable fastening.
  • Rubber boots bonded in the trouser legs.
  • New - white boots of higher quality.
  • Blouse with hood with fastening in the lower edge, pulled over the trousers, tightened with cuff and belt with buckle
  • Firm cuff-rings are glued in the jacket sleeves to fix the anti-chemical gloves.
  • Anti-chemical protective five-finger gloves.
  • The protective suit does not contain any protective means for face and breathing. 
  • The protective suit is not intended for use in explosive environment.
  • It is not designed against affect by organic substances.
  • Selection of several sizes of the suit and boots.
  • For body height from 170 to 194 cm.
  • Combinations of body length and width and also boot size are possible.

Tested:  Research institute for work safety

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