Lightweight tent HANDY

The lightest tent HANDY is handy and serviceable. It is not only light, but can be additionally equipped with a pressure cylinder for a quick inflation without an electrical blower or a hand pump.

It is appreciated mainly by the units intervening on accident places, on dangerous or disaster places just in the very beginning or with a low number of people. The tent HANDY can be handled by only two persons without any problem. The tent has a pocket on the front side, so you can fold the tent together with the pressure cylinder and save lots of time. Therefore anything need not to be attached for inflation. On the intervention site you only turn the valve and wait until the tent deploys. One pressure cylinder is enough for one inflation and for later additional inflation. This tent should not be missing in any emergency vehicle. Especially in unfavourable weather conditions and at quick changes of positions the tent will be appreciated by every user. It can be folded easily and transported to the next place of destination.


  • Inflatable rescue tent designed as suitable equipment for emergency response teams
  • Light and easily stowable in the emergency vehicle
  • In case of bad weather, facilities are created within a few minutes
  • Lower weight in comparison with usual inflatable tents
  • Trouble-free handling by 2 persons
  • An inflation device with automatic pressure control can be used
  • For easier installation, pressure cylinders can be attached in the pocket on the front tent side
  • Connectable with the rescue tents of GTX and HF production series


  • Pocket for the pressure cylinder is a part of the tent (1 cylinder 7l, 300 bar for inflation of the whole tent)
  • Entrance curtain of 3 m width, 2.2 m height connectable by means of zip fastener.
  • On the sides, 2 closable openings with diameter 150 mm for wiring infrastructure and hoses
  • On the sides, 2 closable openings with diameter 350 mm for heating supply

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