Inflatable rescue walkway

In danger of life when no boat or any other equipment are available and when you cannot get to a drowning or stuck person on dry land, you can use the inflatable rescue walkway. It is the ideal helper at the moment, when you need to strengthen any unstable surface – water, ice, swamp or sand. Also the divers will appreciate it for whom it will provide a working base for their equipment midst of water areas.

The walkway is delivered in two sizes which may not limit you in any way. Just connect with rope together several pieces at once or put them on each other.  So you will increase both the surface area and the loading capacity. Its surface is made of non-slip material so that walking on it is as safe as possible. The surface itself is very resistant and withstands even a water rescue dog walking, its claws will not cause any harm.


  • Universal part of equipment of rescue teams, of fire brigades and other units.
  • Intended for the use on unstable surfaces, such as water, ice or crushed ice, marshlands, sand and similar.
  • Wide possibilities of use - for rescue of people, as floating platform for transport of material or people, working base for divers etc.


  • Easy handling, operation and mobility.
  • Quickly prepared for use.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Inflation with pressure air or electrical or hand pump.
  • Safety-relief valve prevents from overinflation.
  • Highly resistant material.
  • Upper side of the walkway with antiskid treatment.
  • Safety circumferential and central rope for an easier handling, to fix further segments, but also for catching people to be rescued.
  • Reflective strips on sides for a better visibility of the walkway under difficult conditions.
  • Segment sizes 5 × 1.3 m and 3.13 × 0.82 m.
  • Standard delivery in packaging with 3 segments.
  • Possibility to connect or to superimpose segments by means of snap-hooks to extend the walkway or e.g. to increase the loading capacity.

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