Army tent HF – 46A

Especially in the army, everything has to be solved quickly and faultlessly. The tent HF - 46A is deployed only a couple of minutes after receiving the command.

This tent has passed the military testing; it is catalogued for military use and meets the standardization of NATO armies. The Czech army participated in the development of this tent with useful remarks, it can be equipped with catalogued accessories meeting the army standards, liner, lighting, sun shield, heating unit and wiring infrastructure. For the last two mentioned, there are openings prepared on sides through which they are fed into the tent. The day light comes in through two windows on every side. If necessary, several tents can be connected together with the side entrance and so a larger area is created serving e.g. as a field hospital. The only limitations are your imagination and the number of tents that you have available. It is a very useful, mobile, modular system.


  • Meets the standards of NATO armies
  • Quality flame-retardant materials have been used
  • Long lifetime period with only minimum maintenance and repair required
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Easy deployment within a few minutes after being connected to air supply
  • It can be equipped with catalogued accessories meeting the army standards: liner, sun shield, wiring infrastructure, lighting etc.
  • The tent has passed the control and military tests


  • The structure is completely dismountable thanks to the specific system of connectors between individual parts
  • Entrance curtain of 2 m width, 2.1 m height, connectable by means of turn-lock fasteners
  • Side entrance for the option to connect tents into larger units and variable compositions, e.g. field hospital
  • Venting mesh above the entrance to provide for a natural exchange of air
  • On every side there are 2 three-ply windows – roof material, transparent film and net
  • On the sides, 2 closable openings with diameter 150 mm for wiring infrastructure and hoses
  • On the sides, 2 closable openings with diameter 350 mm for heating and air-conditioning
  • Catalogued for military use NSN: 8340160069492


  • Inflatable army tent
  • Ideal background during a rescue operation 
  • For short-term as well as long-term use in many areas - during events with an immediate need for a comprehensive facility, for accommodation of people, material storage and similar
  • Developed in accordance with technical requirements for products intended for defence of countries

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