Flood control barriers with steel structure

In cases when really a huge volume of water has to be held, when protection against flooding or elevation or prolongation of the river bed is needed, the flood control barriers with steel structure are the right solution. They are an ideal protection against flood and even torrential water. Thanks to their stability they can elevate and extend the existing dams or banks. Their modular system allows creating an almost unlimited long line that can be also connected and installed in the shape of angles to copy the terrain and the trough in a better way. These barriers can be simply installed on any hard surface. Their huge advantage is the possibility to be used repeatedly. They have been tested and recommended by the T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute in Prague.


  • Protection against flood and torrential rain.
  • Protection of industrial buildings and family houses.
  • Elevation of existing dams or river banks.
  • Formation of an artificial trough to give the required direction to the water stream.


  • Mobile system using water against water
  • Low requirements on logistics thanks to filling with water.
  • Freestanding even without being filled with water.
  • Easy, quick and simple use.
  • Use on various surfaces (concrete, asphalt, crushed stone, ...).
  • They can be connected in a watertight way to create an unlimited length.
  • Possibility to attach them to each other in the shape of angles and to copy the river bed.
  • Intended for repeated use.
  • Tested and recommended by the independent laboratory. (T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute in Prague, public research institute, Prague, Czech Republic)

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