Even after sixty-five years, the company GUMOTEX is still providing protection. The Rescue Systems products are used by militaries, fire brigades and even rescuers.

In 1950 when the first shipments of protective clothing sewn from rubberized fabric textile left the plant in Břeclav, nobody would probably have dared to predict the future of the company in 2016. Since that time, GUMOTEX has undergone a dramatic development; although, the important values have remained. The emphasis is on modern technologies, innovation, and quality of performance, as well as the idea that the company’s products should primarily protect human health and contribute to the comfort and safety of customers.

But let us move on. Since the nineteen-fifties, GUMOTEX, akciová společnost, has gradually expanded its engagement with other products made from rubberized fabric and other materials. Whether they are focused on inflatable boats, air mattresses, or even objects from polyurethane foams, customers have always appreciated their quality and reliability. After more than 65 years of existence, GUMOTEX has successfully established itself in the domestic as well as the global markets of rubber products and technical foams.

Today, the company exports nearly two thirds of its six product groups into more than 30 countries around the world. In the vast majority of cases, it is to the demanding markets of the European Union. Although production is dominated by orders for automotive and furniture industries, GUMOTEX is well known even to boaters or to members of rescue systems. An inherent part of the company's portfolio is the product group called GUMOTEX Rescue Systems.

They will not leave you in the lurch

The philosophy behind the GUMOTEX Rescue Systems could be simply summed up by an old proverb that says “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. The products, in this product range, have been employed in various types of crisis situations where you need to work quickly and accurately and when the users require first-class quality from their equipment. There is a lot at stake – human lives, health, or property. GUMOTEX has helped with protection for more than 20 years.

Rescue teams first came into contact with GUMOTEX’s products under the foreign partners’ brand. Since 2008, the company has operated in this segment under its own brand called GUMOTEX Rescue Systems; and since that time, has managed to stand out at many international conferences and exhibitions. Among the best known, for example, are Interschutz fair held in Germany, military trade fair Eurosatory in France, or fair Intersec in Dubai.

Seasoned, universal professionals

What is more important than the success at the exhibitions is the fact that the equipment by GUMOTEX Rescue Systems has earned its spurs in the practice. Also the breadth and comprehensiveness of the products offered, which enable the use of individual products in situations ranging from floods through to chemical accidents, to humanitarian crises or wars, have been behind the popularity among rescue teams for many years.

Moreover, the potential of GUMOTEX Rescue Systems is perhaps best illustrated by the range of inflatable rescue tents. It includes the very practical smaller, bigger, and in between, combinable with each other shelters as well as large-capacity modular halls. So whether you need to protect against bad weather within a few minutes of leaving the patrol vehicle, or quickly built a field hospital, provide accommodation, or garage your technique, the GUMOTEX products will not leave you in the lurch. GUMOTEX uses in their manufacture the latest technology of glued or high-frequency welded structures which contributes to their flexibility and resistance. The usability of the tents may be further extended through adapting them depending on the requirements of the customer – by means of inner liners, variations in windows, up to accessories. Easy handling is never taken for granted. 

For floods and chemical threats

In the cases when flood water is streaming in, you would hardly find a better helper than GUMOTEX Rescue Systems. Also in such a situation additional equipment to the tents would come in handy, such as flood barriers. During a flash flood, the cylindrical barriers have been proven to be useful for the fight against this turbulent element: they use the same element. Thus, it is water because they are filled with water. Compared with sacks of sand, they are much easier to handle; and two people can manage to build a barrier. If a straight biblical flood is rushing towards you, it is time to use the highly stable barriers with steel structures. They can increase the already existing dikes or river banks; yet they are easy to connect and to disassemble which allows their later use. Rescuers in action can be helped by inflatable boats with the engine hidden under the structure so as not to endanger a drowning person and allow for easy manoeuvrability, even in an urban terrain. When the going gets tough, rescue floating walkways, waterproof bags, or dry suits Northern Diver, which GUMOTEX has imported from Great Britain, are indispensable.

And now imagine that a siren has sounded in your vicinity. The radio has reported an accident at a nearby chemical plant, and hazardous substances are escaping into the environment – nothing pleasant. In such a case, speed is the most important factor; and that is what GUMOTEX Rescue Systems provide to the rescuers. Within a few moments, a team dressed in special protective suits arrives deploying decontamination showers including basins and water containers which can be managed within a few minutes. Spray heads and distributions are already installed in all tents, even in a deflated state. After filling them with air, it is just enough to connect the tent to a water supply; and fighting the chemical threat may start.

They settled not only in the Czech Republic, but also worldwide

Hardly anybody places such uncompromising demands on the equipment like the rescuers. It must be practical, withstand extreme conditions, withstand enormous loads; and under all circumstances, it must be one hundred per cent reliable. Add to this, the requirement that all products have to be handled easily, intuitively, and of course quickly. Maximum flexibility along with deployment in difficult to predictable scenarios brings together a cocktail of challenges which only few companies can meet satisfactorily. And a less than perfect result is not possible on this pitch.

The fact that GUMOTEX Rescue Systems is kicking the Premier League, despite the above-mentioned requirements, is evident by the ever-growing interest shown by rescue teams from abroad as well as by prestigious orders on the domestic front. Rescuers, fire brigades and police forces, military units and members of the Red Cross, have all had experiences with our inflatable tents, decontamination showers and boats from this product line all around the world. They have been used in interventions and responses not only in the Czech Republic or in neighbouring countries, but also on both parts of the American continent, in Southeast Asia, and Africa.

The main objective of Gumotex is that these tools perform their functions perfectly and precisely meeting not only the needs of the consumers, but also the stringent standards of the teams; therefore, we are developing directly with them. A result of a similar cooperation, among others, are the products which the company supplies to the Czech Army.

They do not get scared neither at combat deployment

Orders for the Army are always the most challenging ones both in terms of safety requirements and simple documentation requirements.

A modular high-capacity hall MHHF-1A undoubtedly deserves the flagship marking in this case and not only because of its impressive size with a width of 8.3 meters and a length of 12.5 meters, but it is not a clunky piece despite its huge proportions. Working with the hall is made easier thanks to its division into three separate inflatable modules. Their connection only takes a matter of moments. Thanks to the generous roominess, it can serve many purposes; for example, you can use it as a field hospital or a dining room. Through the 3 meters wide and almost 4 meters high gate. A great technology is even able to enter the hall easily; so it can be used as a service centre. For the suspension of any needed devices, you can use the loops which are integrated into the structure of the hall.

Innovators from GUMOTEX have not forgotten the comfort of the soldiers. Insulating liner and sleeves for the connection of heating, air conditioning, or laying down the necessary cabling allows a pleasant ambient inside even when outside there is Siberian - 40 ° C or tropical + 60 ° C.

Transformation depending on the needs

The variability of the hall expands when interconnected with the army tent under the name HF - 46A. Facilities measuring 44 square meters are transformed depending on the needs in the control room, accommodation facility, or field hospital. Just like the modular hall, this tent can be equipped with extensive accessories, such as a sun shield, internal insulating lining, levelling floor, or electricity distribution. It is made from quality flame retardant materials.

A novelty among the products developed specifically for military use – and a "little guy" in comparison with the previous ones – is the inflatable tent GTX - 09A. With a weight of only 65 kg, it is an ideal companion for units using combat vehicles. It can be easily combined with the big ones into one unit by means of a connecting collar. Moreover, these tents can be linked behind each other; and you can create a facility where you can stay overnight or use as a material warehouse.

Both of these products were manufactured to meet the strictest military standards. They are catalogued as a means of military at NATO and have their numbers NSN (NSN 0148340000824 and NSN8340160069496).

Special wishes? Even an inflatable tank is not a problem

• Did you think that you would never see the words “inflatable” and “tank” together in the same sentence? So we have a surprise for you. GUMOTEX manufactured a dummy tank T-72 on a scale of one to one for the Military Research Institute in 2004; the only non-inflatable part was the gun barrel.

• It may not be a usual order, but it definitely proves that for GUMOTEX the only limit is the customer´s wishes. The company’s policy mantra is represented by the principle to not be afraid of facing new challenges and to listen to its partners. If they want to develop a new product, we will seek a common path with them. The company also offers its capacity for producing OEM products or semi-finished products that can be part of a comprehensive solution to the customer.

Inflatable tank

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