Equipment for water rescue

GUMOTEX Rescue System is ready to equip you for every situation. That is why we have become the exclusive importer of dry suits and other accessories for water rescue from the company Northern Diver from the United Kingdom. You will become convinced that their products achieve great quality.


Do not worry to get wet because the suit RESPONDER will keep you dry. It has adjustable braces inside to fit for each figure. Its material is reinforced in the sitting part, on knees and shins. For your better safety, it has reflective strips and also the seam is stitched with a reflective fabric. On the left shoulder, there is a holster for a radiotelephone.

Metalux Undersuit

It is light and isolates its owner perfectly, even if it is crumpled or wet (the undersuit, not the owner). You can wash it in the washing machine without any problems, it dries quickly and you do not need to worry that you would smell after a longer wear because it has antibacterial treatment. Available are 15 men and 10 women sizes.

Thermalux Undersuit

It keeps you warm without necessarily adding additional layers. Thanks to the used material you receive both excellent isolation and flexibility. The suit does not move on the body and dries quickly.


Personal floating device with a set of straps and safety buckles. For a stronger securing you clip it on the rope and a reflective stripe provides for your better visibility. Tested according to ČSN EN ISO 12402.

Kevlar Supertech

No matter how your hands look like, these gloves will adapt to them perfectly. At the same time they will ensure a secure grip because they are furnished with the material „Glass-fiber“. And you will not be cold because the lining contains the System „Ti-Ax" which reflects the heat back.

Neoprene gloves

Even if you reach into water, you have the possibility to keep everything firmly in hand. Just wear the neoprene gloves. We offer them of material in several thicknesses and with practical closing by means of Velcro.

Freestyle safety

The right shoes must be reliable. Thanks to the self-bailing openings are your feet in the Freestyle safety shoes always in the dry. These shoes have a composite toe and rubber sole. Tested according to ČSN EN ISO 20345.

Rock swim safety

These shoes can be put on even for interventions involving not only water but also chemicals or oil. Three velcros and one classic zipper provide for excellent fixation of the foot. Tested according to ČSN EN ISO 20345.

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