Decontamination showers for basic decontamination

At the moment when an accident breaks out requiring an immediate decontamination of persons or equipment, the speed of the intervention and deployment of the basic decontamination station is essential.

You will be able to bring our basic decontamination set to the place of intervention on one small trailer, the inflation by means of electrical blower is done within a couple of minutes and as soon as you have connected the water supply, you are ready for decontamination. Thanks to partition curtains and the shower cabin all water drains into the retention basin and then water can be pumped off into closed bags for a later disposal.
In case of contamination, you can simply replace one of parts. We are the only manufacturer who equips these showers both with plastic and stainless steel water supply. If assistance of another person is needed for washing, the side walls of shower cabins are equipped with a handling window with gloves so that the assistant does not come into direct contact neither with the liquid nor with the contaminated person. There is no need to be afraid of violation of privacy, the used wall material allows to see maximum a silhouette of a man inside. This set is very useful. Everything is prepared in one bag. Only water and detergent have to be added.


  • Designed for decontamination and cleaning of personnel or material as well as mobile sanitary facility during rescue actions and liquidation of accidents


  • Long lifetime period with only minimum maintenance and repair required
  • Selection of several types and sizes
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Low weight
  • Self-acting deployment within a few minutes after being connected to air supply
  • Inflatable with pressure air or electrical blower
  • Quick coupling device to connect the pressure air supply
  • Safety relief valve


  • One-chamber inflatable supporting frame, retention basin and shower cabin
  • Innovated inflatable supporting frame of PVC in orange colour
  • Replaceable exchangeable cabin and basin
  • Installed distribution system with respective number of nozzles and hand-held rose with nozzle to apply the decontamination solution or water with a minimum consumption
  • Integrated water distribution system made of plastic or stainless material
  • Green marking for „dirty“ entrance, red marking for „clean“ exit
  • Water supply through hose quick-coupling device GEKA with internal thread G1
  • Option to build-in a window of transparent film with gloves for handling, option to equip the shower with brush, option to add an integrated outside basin.
  • Optional additional accessories:
  • Pumps, grids and mats, containers and tanks for contaminated solutions, admixing device, water heater etc.
  • Delivered including anchoring and repair kit and hand pump
  • Packed in transportation bag

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