Decontamination basins

The basic cleaning during an intervention starts in the inflatable basin. The structure is so simple that a long lifetime period is provided at minimum maintenance. Low weight allows an easy handling.

Quick coupling to be connected with compressed air line provides for an almost immediate inflation. The inside of the basin is equipped with a textile basin that can be replaced by a clean one if necessary. You can select of several basin sizes. On request, also a water drainage can be incorporated. After fitting out with shower or a rinse hose the set is ready for use.


  • Designed to retain used water after decontamination of people, in case of an accident, bigger types for mass decontamination of persons or decontamination and washing of technical equipment.


  • Additional equipment to inflatable tents and showers
  • Long lifetime period with only minimum maintenance and repair required
  • Selection of several sizes
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Low weight
  • Quickly ready for use
  • Inflatable with pressure air or electrical blower
  • Quick coupling device to connect the pressure air supply
  • Safety relief valve


  • One-chamber inflatable frame
  • Bottom made of high-strength material with antiskid treatment
  • Replaceable basin.
  • On request, a water drain can be incorporated


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