Cylindrical Flood control barriers (water filled bags)

Flood control barriers filled with water serve for protection against flood water during flood and heavy rain. This is a much quicker, more efficient and undemanding method of protection e.g. in comparison with using sand bags. You have to decide where the barrier has to be placed and what water column it has to withstand. We use water against water. Two people are able to take the barrier out of the transport case, to unfold and to fill it. Individual tubes can be connected not only one after another, and so the needed length of trough is created, but they can be put on each other like a pyramid that can hold more water. In this way, you can create an artificial reservoir, e.g. during an intervention of fire brigades during fire fighting when they need to hold more water. The terrain can be copied and necessary angels can be created. Bags are made of resistant material so that they can be folded and used again. The flood control barriers have been tested and recommended by the Laboratory for Water Resources Research, Water Structures Institute, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology.


  • Protection against flood and torrential rain.
  • Protection of industrial buildings and family houses.
  • Elevation of existing dams or river banks.
  • Formation of an artificial trough to give the required direction to the water stream.


  • Mobile system using water against water.
  • The operation is managed by 2 persons.
  • Minimum requirements on logistics and good storability.
  • Use on various surfaces (concrete, asphalt, crushed stone, ...).
  • Possibility to elevate the height of protection by arranging them into the shape of pyramids consisting of 3 tubes.
  • They can be connected in a watertight way to create an unlimited length.
  • Possibility to attach them to each other in the shape of angles and to copy the river bed.
  • The principles of the installation process indicated on pictograms directly on the bags.
  • Intended for repeated use.
  • Tested and recommended by the independent testing laboratory (Laboratory for Water Resources Research, Water Structures Institute, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic)

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