General-purpose tent for short-term use. It is very light and space-saving, perfect for the needs of users with limited space available.

The tent is designed for rapid interventions and actions. Due to the low purchase costs, the tent becomes an affordable piece of equipment for various units that operate in the area of health and property protection of inhabitants and also for other rescue services. To build up a comprehensive facility with this tent takes just a few minutes for two people during the intervention. As standard, the tent is equipped with an aperture with a width of 350 mm for cabling, heating or air-conditioning supply. On opposite sides of the tent, there are 2 windows with a cover of the same material as the roof material. The tent can be inflated by means of an electric blower, a hand pump or a pressure cylinder (1 cylinder 7L 300 bar).


  • General-purpose tent for rapid interventions
  • Small packing dimensions
  • Low weight
  • Lightweight fixing set
  • A comprehensive facility for intervening units within a few minutes
  • Trouble-free handling by 2 persons
  • Simple design


  • On the side, an aperture of 350 mm for supply of heating, air-conditioning or wiring infrastructure
  • Entrance curtain of 3 m width and 2.2 m height
  • Venting openings with a mesh above the entrance
  • One-chamber structure with a pressure-relief valve to prevent overinflating

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