All-purpose rescue boat (UZC)

Wherever usual motor vessels fail and paddling is too demanding, the all-purpose rescue boat is the best solution.

This boat was developed in cooperation with fire fighters and rescuers to withstand even in extreme conditions. With regard to our long-term experience with the manufacture of inflatable rafting boats, one of them is the basis for the UZC boat. The main advantage is the motor hidden inside of the structure (MOTOR IN), which allows a better manoeuvrability and a very good access to obstacles or to the person to be rescued even at a very shallow water level. E.g. you manage  to pull out a person drowning on a weir also over the rear part of the boat, this is absolutely impossible with boats with motor mounted at the rear. The UZC boat is almost unsinkable. Its structure is designed so that even if one of its chambers is damaged, the boat is still able to swim on water surface which is provided by other chambers. In case of capsizing two persons are able to turn it back with the correct side towards water surface. For transport to a distant place, a trailer behind a car can be used. Our all-purpose rescue boat has been a part of standard equipment of the Water Rescue Service of the Czech Red Cross. When you have tried it out, you will find out that the word "all-purpose" gets a completely different dimension.


  • All-purpose boat suitable for rescuers, fire fighters, military and expeditions.
  • Purpose-made design developed in cooperation with firemen and rescuers to be used in heavy to extreme conditions.
  • Ideal to be used especially during floods for the rescue and transport of people.
  • It can also be used during environmental accidents, during rescue operations, as a work-platform for divers, or as a military engineers´ boat, also when repairing bridges and for many other human activities.


  • The boat hull consists of a circumferential tube divided with vertical partitions into 4 independent air chambers, inflatable bottom and thwarts.
  • High material resistance against damage.
  • Critical positions on the boat are protected with an anti-abrasion profile and reinforcements.
  • Upper area for seating is equipped with rubber strip with antiskid treatment.
  • Strong and comfortable grab handles on the boat circumference.
  • Stainless D-rings for anchoring, hauling or suspension under helicopter.
  • Inflatable keel improves hydrodynamic properties of the boat.
  • Bottom with self-bailing function provides for emptying of the boat after being flooded with water.
  • Inflatable bottom chamber equipped with safety relief valve.
  • Inflatable bottom provided with a solid mat with antiskid treatment (except from the raft version).
  • Easy handling – 2-3 people are able to manage the boat with motor.
  • Low total weight of the boat.
  • Minimum packed dimensions for transport.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Easy reparability in case of air chambers damage.
  • Extra stable even during one-sided loading of the boat, when people or any load is being pulled out of water
  • Optimum floatability and buoyancy of the boat due to the big air volume.
  • Easy controllability.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability was taken over from the basic raft structure.
  • Operates reliably in difficult and inaccessible conditions.
  • Due to the strong and tough closed oval design reinforced with motor mount and a thwart, the boat withstands any enormous water pressure, impact on barriers etc. excellently.
  • The inflatable flexible circumference absorbs the bumps very well.
  • Universal propulsion depending on the need – motor, paddles, oars.

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